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We are excited to bring you a unique tool we think you will find extremely useful - not only for your 'life planning' but also in managing your day-to-day paper/information overload! We know you have taken smart steps to plan for your and your family’s future, but a complete plan is about more than wills, investments, and insurance policies. It’s about organizing and sharing everything from critical financial information, contact details of key persons or role players, or your final wishes or the passwords for important online accounts.

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Everplans—a simple, digital tool that guides you step-by-step through legal, financial, healthcare and personal decisions. This provides you with a complete end-of-life plan and also a convenient central vault to save all your relevant information thereby ensuring your loved ones aren’t left with hassles. This keeps it simple for you to easily find relevant records & information as you need it!

We’ll be happy to go through the information with you in your meeting or can help you over the phone as well. You will also have direct access to the Everplans support team, webinars, and articles. We are very excited to provide this program as a benefit to our clients, their families and friends free of charge!