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Financial Planning for Divorce

Client Centered

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), Henderson & Neuberg offers support to those who are going through a divorce and need aid in splitting their marital assets. A CDFA is an expert in those unique financial circumstances that surround a divorce. We at Henderson & Neuberg have the expertise and knowledge to advise you regarding financial issues such as:

  • Tax consequences 
  • Capital gains
  • Dividing assets such as real estate and pensions
  • Projecting the future financial results of your divorce, which are frequently overlooked in most traditional divorce proceedings 
  • Estate planning consequences that occur during divorce where children are involved

We will work with you and your attorney/mediator to help you make those important decisions and evaluate the options to provide a clearer picture of your financial future. 

Utilizing our CDFA services provides our clients and their attorneys/mediators with new data that helps them plan for the short-term and long-term financial effects of their property division and income reallocation. As an experienced CPA, Peter Neuberg understands the tax issues of divorce. We will analyze the present and future values of your pensions and retirement plans. We will help determine the cost basis and capital gains tax on the sale of the marital home and other assets, and whether or not it is feasible for the current marital home to be maintained.

We will evaluate your new insurance and estate planning needs after the divorce is finalized. 

We can show you how to avoid unnecessary tax consequences and financial mistakes that can be made during the very difficult and emotional time of a divorce. 

We work well with our divorcing clients to help them make informed decisions while considering settlement options and negotiation strategies. 

We will make sure the financial and tax aspects of your divorce is represented accurately and completely. 

We will help you plan and navigate a successful, financial future, post-divorce through to your retirement. 

Give us a call and find out more about what Henderson & Neuberg can do for you. 

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